Our goal is the highest quality of products and services we offer. We want every customer to have a nice contact with our company, and our products to serve as well as it is possible and for many years.

We have 30 years of experience in the outdoor market. Many of our projects are "on top" to this day, although they are almost as old as the company. The passion for expeditions into the unknown and the experience of more than one adventure mean that we know very well what are the most important features of outdoor clothing. Its basic task is to ensure comfort during sports activity in all conditions, so that you can experience your own abilities to the fullest.

For production, we use specialized materials of the highest quality, produced in countries such as Japan and USA. We work with Polartec® - pioneer and inventor of top-shelf technologies in the production of fleece. Also when it comes to waterproof fabrics, we focus on the best technologies - Gelanots® is a section of the world known, Japanese corporation Toyota Tsusho.

We produce our clothes in Poland, so it is not a problem for us to fix damages during the 2-year warranty and paid Post-Warranty Service, so that small damage does not have to mean the cost of buying new equipment. We also offer tailored sewing, so everyone can order individually fitted clothing from us. We are happy to cooperate with companies and institutions that need high-quality clothing with individual labeling.

From the beginning our priority is to create solutions that meet your expectations as sports lovers and travelers. We always listen to your suggestions and we are happy to change for the better. Our dream is also to introduce comfortable every day clothing... What do you think?

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